one step away from the 8th world title [VIDEO DI SURF]


Reference point for surfers and spokesperson for ocean conservation. There Roxy rider Stephanie Gilmore wrote the story. With an elegant and impetuous style, it has overcome insurmountable waves and faced arduous challenges. His surfing has even been compared to the Gold Coast veteran Joel Parkinson, 17-time champion of the Championship Tour.

Nothing to say, Stephanie is unbeatable!

And today, once again – after no less than 7 world championships brought home – she is one step away from the eighth title: a record award to which only and only she can aspire!

At the final of World Surf League 2021, the surfing star will go head to head, one by one, 4 surfers. Let’s say head to head, because during certain challenges you don’t look anyone in the face! In individual sports it is like that, you think about yourself and about winning, the rest doesn’t matter!

At this point, save those who can! There Roxy rider it is so strong that it scares even the waves and we are sure that once again it will be able to overcome them by winning another prize.

Waiting for the response, we leave you with a short summary video of the surf queen’s palmar├Ęs:

Good luck Stephanie, we are all with you!

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