Get out of bed, run on the track and be guided by the real pros. If you are wondering “Really? Is it really that simple to participate? ”, You can ask anyone who has been there. Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 November were the days of the premiere of “Fox Hit The Track”, a weekend of dirt tracks, breathtaking jumps and pure adrenaline at Motocross Dorno.

“Ok. But what is it Fox Hit The Track? “

“Fox Hit The Track” is the fun-focused event, with lots of free activities offered by the team of Fox Racing. Those who took part in this crazy weekend were able to listen to the advice of the legendary racer Seb Tortelli, to ride on the historic tracks in Dorno with the crew of professional drivers Fox, and enjoy a grilled lady and a beer at the truck Fox. Here is a summary of how it went. It looks like it was a bomb to us.

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We know you love risk as much as we do, but there is a risk that you absolutely must not take: do not miss the next editions of Fox Hit The Track. Monitor the channels of California Sport, Fox Racing and Motocross Dorno. For a true pro experience.

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