Olivia Rodrigo shared what important advice Selena Gomez gave her

add Selena Gomez to the long list of supporters of Olivia Rodrigo.

The explosive musical career of 18 year old of records has many points of contact with that of Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. All of them debuted as a child in Disney series and then conquered the world of pop with incredible success.

In a new interview with Variety, the singer-songwriter of Sour she said she learned a lot from them who preceded her, in particular from Selena:

I met Selena and she was so kindand, “shared Olivia.”He told me a lot about the priority of mental health, which I think is really important in this area. We were all very young in the limelight… This can be burdensome on your psyche and can lead to all these strange problems “.

Selena she is an outspoken advocate of mental health. Earlier this year, the lead singer of Baila Conmigo launched “Mental Health 101”, a mental health initiative that aims to provide resources and empower young people with mental health problems. The announcement came just weeks after the 29-year-old had publicly shared his diagnosis of bipolar disorder during an Instagram Live with Miley Cyrus.

In 2019, during the Zach Sang Show, Selena had talked about the pressures she had faced as a child and how that chapter in her life affected her mental health as she grew up:

I’ve been working since I was 7, being away from my family, moving from Texas to LA, knowing fame, being confused by what it means, trying to grow up, being in such a strange position where people really care and are embarrassing because you’re growing up – I think I was afraid of it and I probably hated it for the most part”Shared Selena. “But over time, I was able to get out of it and be fine. And I don’t really know how besides all the work I’ve done, which is friends, therapy, take some time off, go back to Texas, just enjoy what’s in front of me.“.

The young celebrity is a complex experience full of unique pressures that, in the end, complicate the one big constructive pressure and worth living: creating music and sharing art. Fortunately, Olivia has stars who share the same experience, who encourage her and give her timeless advice. Besides Selena, the 18-year-old can also always count on the support of Taylor Swift:

It’s so good to be welcomed into the music industry and so good to have support from other women“said Olivia of Taylor to Variety. “He wrote me a letter some time ago, and he wrote something about how you make your fortune in the world, and how you treat others it always comes back to you.“.

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