Olivia Rodrigo “resents” those stupid rumors about who was referring to “Drivers License”

In a new and long interview with Variety, Olivia Rodrigo reflects on the release of his debut album Sour and how its enthusiastic reception and record-breaking it was something really unexpected for her.

Each rose, however, has its thorns and all speculations born after the release of his first single Drivers License they did it too get angry quite a lot of.

At the time, the song was rumored to be about his colleague’s High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Joshua Bassett and that references to “that blonde girl“concerned the other colleague Sabrina Carpenter.

The singer told the magazine how she experienced that moment, as theories raged about who she was referring to in the lyrics of Driver License:

I let her out not knowing she was going to get that reaction, so it was really weird when it happened. I just remember that [tutti erano] so weird and speculative about things they had no idea about“he told the magazine, before adding:”I don’t really subscribe to hatred of other women because of guys. I think it’s so stupid, and I am really resentful of the fiction that has been thrown around“.

Driver License rocketed to number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, making Olivia the youngest person to reach the top of the chart. The 18-year-old admitted she didn’t know what to do when she saw her song explode:

I was sitting in the parking lot of a grocery store and I called the label guy. It had just hit # 1 on Apple Music, which is hard to achieve if you pop“said Olivia.”We were looking at each other on FaceTime, speechless, and we looked at each other for a minute. ‘What do we do?’ ‘I do not know.’

That was the moment I realized it was going to be something bigger than I expected“, he added.

In fact yes, the song is part of a short list of tracks they have over a billion streams on Spotify.

The album that followed Drivers License, Sour, has become the break up album of the year, especially for Gen Z’ers:

I’ve definitely talked about my deepest, darkest secrets and insecurities in Sour, which is kind of weird to be like, ‘Here, you guys can have it. Anyone who wants to hear it can hear it, ‘”said Olivia.” But it’s really powerful when it comes out, and it’s been really cool for me to see people resonate with that vulnerability and relate to it.“.

I definitely saw Sour as a kind of slice of teenage life“, he added. “I think a big part of growing up is going through your first love and your first heartbreak, and that was definitely reflected on the album, but I think songs like Brutal and Jealousy, Jealousy reflect the other parts of being a teenager and feeling insecure and unsure of how you are in the world. “

Olivia also explained because there are a lot of bad words on the album and the reason is more than obvious:

I tend to say a lot of bad words, and I think that obviously reflects in the way I write songs“.

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