Olivia Rodrigo broke a new record with her debut album “Sour”

The success of Olivia Rodrigo is unstoppable! Published Friday 21 May, “Sour” is the album of amost listened female artist ever in streaming during the first week, with over 385 million global streams on Spotify.

And it doesn’t end there: “Sour” debuted directly at the position No. 1 on the Billboard 200 thus marking the highest debut of 2021 in the first week.

“Sour” is Olivia’s first studio album: it consists of 11 tracks, including hit singles “drivers license”, “deja vu” and “good 4 u”.

About the choice of title the “Sour” project – which in Italian translates as “sour / bitter” – Olivia explained:

“I am fascinated by the idea that one relationship can become unbearable, as a person you loved so much and to whom you have told all your secrets can become the most unbearable person. For me the purpose of music is to take all of these complicated emotions and take them out so that people feel welcomed, seen “.

The new American pop star said that one of the greatest satisfactions of her life is directly touching the deepest parts of ache:

“There is nothing better than that sit at the piano in my room and write a really sad song. It really is my favorite thing; it’s really inspiring to see how my music impacts people and maybe it can help them feel less alone. “

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