Offshore wind, 40 projects presented at Mite

ROME, NOV 19 – 40 projects of floating offshore wind farms were presented to the Ministry of Ecological Transition, mainly off the coast of Sicily and Sardinia (more than 20), along the Adriatic coast (more than 10) and, for the remainder , distributed between the Ionian and Tyrrhenian. The Mite makes it known in a press release. “The Ministry of Ecological Transition – reads the note – is continuing its work aimed at encouraging the development of a new generation of floating offshore plants, located off the Italian coast and therefore without any impact on the landscape. In particular, the first round of bilateral meetings with the individual companies and groups of proposing companies is coming to an end “. 64 expressions of interest were received, of which 55 from companies and business associations, 3 from environmental protection associations (WWF, Legambiente and Greenpeace) and 7 from other subjects (ANEV, Elettricità futura, CNA, CGIL, University Polytechnic of Turin, OWEMES – association of researchers, CIRSAM – International Consortium for Adriatic and Mediterranean development and research). Of the 40 projects received, about twenty are detailed. “A further round of meetings is already planned – concludes the note – to enhance the possible synergies deriving from the provision of more plants in the same sea areas, in agreement between the proponents, and to share the status of the works with the associations of environmental protection and other participating subjects “. (HANDLE).

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