Nuclear: Ronchi, it’s not very credible, let’s think about renewables

ROME, NOV 19 – “In Italy, instead of looking to the future and accelerating on renewables, there are still those who want to trample the referendums and propose a return, unlikely and not very credible, to building nuclear power plants”. This was declared by Edo Ronchi, President of the Foundation for Sustainable Development. “To assess the safety, risks, impacts and real costs of 4 / th generation plants – continues Ronchi -, it is necessary to have the analyzes of at least one plant in real operating conditions, taking into account that the 4 / th generation plants would continue to use the fission of uranium, which generates radioactivity and highly active radioactive waste, which Italy is unable to store, given that even today no site has been located “. “To have only one third of the nuclear power installed in France – says Ronchi – 100 4th generation 200 megawatt reactors would be needed in Italy: a nuclear reactor in every Italian province!”. Ronchi recalls the costs: “The energy produced by the atom costs 150 dollars per MWh against 50 dollars for wind power and 55 for photovoltaics”. The former minister argues that the return to nuclear power would not serve to decarbonise. “Until 2030 and beyond there will be no functioning 4 / th generation nuclear power plant. In the next decade, which is decisive for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, they will not be able to make any contribution. And even in the following decade, given the difficulties in locating, building and financing these plants, their contribution to decarbonization will be modest, if not insignificant “. (HANDLE).

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