Norway is responsible for the American embassy

Washington is serving in its feasts in 2014 from the Cavalry of Southern Marines in order to learn about the personalities of four countries (Germany, Sweden, Norway, France), Parma Lesquelles la chancelière Angela Merkel
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Norway will also be responsible for the responsibility of the United States embassy in Oslo after the American espionage revolutions of responsible European countries, do not have the Nordic kingdom, at the source of official sources.

“The Ministry of Defense and its reunion with the American embassy in Oslo aujourd’hui où l’on a clairement that the espionage visant of allies is inacceptable and superfluous”, as indicated by the Norwegian Minister of Defense Bakke-Jensen, in a tweet diffused by your services.

The Minister of Justice is precisely the AFP that is on the agenda of American affairs, Richard Riley said on the Internet site of the embassy, ​​which is a significant point of view of Norway by a highly responsible Norway. The American legislature did not allow the ambassador to stay.

After a public television broadcast, Danmarks Radio (DR) differs from other European media, Washington is served in June 2014 on a daily basis of marine celebrities to learn about personalities. , Suède, Norvège, France), parmi lesquelles la chancelière Angela Merkel.

Paris, Berlin and other European capitals on the sum of the United States and Denmark on the occasion of these delegations, a new page of the dossier of the polls between all the realities of the Snowden affair in 2013.

Selon DR, via Danemark, la NSA a pu accéder aux SMS, aux appels telefoniques et au trafic internet, y compris les recherches, les chats et les services de mesagerie, de responsables, parmi lesquels également le ministre allemand des Affaires étrangères de l ‘epoque, Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

“Je heis heureuse que les Aéricains aient clairement indiqué qu’ils avaient changé leurs pratiques en 2014 pour ce qui est de la surveillance d’alliés et qu’ils veuillent coopérer avec nous et d’autres pour cartographier ce qui s’est produit” , to be declared by the Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg, citing Jewish work by the NTB press agency.

“We have been invited to the embassy of the United States of Oslo for donning a suite to this invitation,” he said.

Selon NTB, Mme Solberg s’est entretenue le même jour avec son homologue danoise, Mette Frederiksen.

“Je lui ai redit que nous considered” espionnage contre des amis et alliés proches comme inacceptable et superflu “, at-elle souligné.

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