Normani supported Lauren Jauregui in her new project “Prelude”

The solo project of Lauren Jauregui has arrived and among the fans who are listening “Prelude“in these hours c” is also Normani!

The two singers started their career together in Fifth Harmony and when Lauren posted the EP tracklist on Instagram, Normani commented enthusiastically!

Here it is 🥺🤍✨!!!! I couldn’t be prouder of you“wrote the friend and colleague. You can see the post and comment here, on Twitter.

“Prelude” contains seven songs and they are all inspired by Lauren Jauregui’s personal experiences, as she explained herself to People: “To this ride of life and music that I’m giving to people, it is the genuine expression of my life experiences and introspection of my inner world. Things that just happened to me in life. Certainly there are layers of emotions“.

Normani also recently published a new work, namely “Wild Side“featuring with Cardi B. With this song it is nominated for the 2021 MTV EMAs: go here to find out more!

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