Noël Le Graët regrets the song of Youssoupha for the list of Blues in the Euro

The president of the French Football Federation (FFF), Noël Le Graët, believes that the announcement of the list of 26 Blues for Euro-2020 would not have been accompanied by a controversial chanting song by rapporteur Youssoupha, in an interview in “Parisien” this Thursday 27 May.

Youssoupha Critical Bardella: Between rappers and RN, intimates do not date here

“I believe we do not believe in doing so and leave the list as divisive, without communication”, indicated Noël Le Graët on the subject of the song that accompanied the presentation clip from the list of selector Didier Deschamps, on 19 May. “These are our young commercial service employees who came up with the idea to accompany the unveiling of the 26 Blues list”, explains the conductor, aged 79 years.

«Ecris mon nom en bleu, crie mon nom en bleu, note-le. Ecris mon nom en bleu… », scanned on this title Youssoupha, 41 years, one of the figures of French rap since a first solo album in 2007. “Personally, I discovered it. Some like the rap, others less, declared the patron of the FFF. Youssoupha is a good rapper who, like others, has been able to speak. »

“It’s politics”

The controversy had been launched by the number two of the National Assembly, Jordan Bardella, who had estimated one week ago that the rapper would have chosen the Blue Anthem for the Euro, it was “Cedar to a racial part of France”. In particular, he announced the choice of an artist who has made proposals “Extremely virulent” against Marine Le Pen. The evocation of the issues of the title “Eternel recommencement”, published in 2006, «Lorsqu’il dit, in this reve where my seed of negro wrong in cloke this dog of Marine Le Pen ».

Noël Le Graët wants to stop racism matches… but not for homophobia

But other slogans in the face of the extreme right have the same value to the rapporteur from being found before a tribunal. In 2009, polemicist Eric Zemmour attacked Youssoupha in justice for libel and defamation. In a song from his album “Sur les chemins du retour”, “A force de le dire”, the artist appealed to “Make love to this with Eric Zemmour”. But the rapper had benefited from the Paris Court of Appeal, who thinks these proposals do not apply “Not the admissible limits on artistic expression”.

As the Minister of Sports Roxana Maracineanu, the Minister of Culture Roselyne Bachelot, she, on Tuesday in Europe 1 was supported by the singer: “It’s an hymn to the Blues and the hymn of Youssoupha is absolutely not me. »

Pour Noël Le Graet, “This morning does not deserve much commentary, it’s politics”. The FFF’s boss assures everyone that Youssoupha’s song «Is not the hymn of the Blues». Il “Does not appear on the Federation’s site and we do not intend to ask the people to repeat these words”.

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