Nightmare of young women with disabilities, the police intervention

The youngsters are unmistakable in a few cents to a party on the Displanade of the Disabled in Paris

The young people are unmistakable in a few days for a party on the Disabled in Paris, with agglutinations and masks, because of the police intervention for the dispersant, the results of the fights between the parties and the FF. an announcement of the police prefecture.

“Intervention in the course of the forces of order to end up in a sore festival regroupant plus centurions of participants in the measures of the sanitary rules”, tweeted the prefecture from 23H30, after the day of the cover-fire.

Versus minit, restaient quelques grappes de jeunes ici et là, près du pont Alexandre III et des voitures de polic circulant avec des gyrophares.

Gaspard, 17 years old, at the expense of an AFP journalist on the spot who spent a day in the 15th arrondissement when he started talking about a sojourn Project X (the name of an American film centered on a young woman who tourne mal) announced on social issues: «Dès qu’il s’agit du Projet X, tout le monde s’excite, il y avait des centaines et des centaines de personnes, on devait être au moins 1,000 o 1,500», a assure mine.

“On the dance floor, do the questions (dancing issues of movement punk consistent to watch in the sense of being shocked) more than 23H00, les + flics + are arrived and on load, that dispersed until the world”, at- the help.

Selon of the images diffused on the social networks, the groups of young people lying in the open air, the dancing, the crying, the plunder without a mask.

Alma et Emma, ​​in the 19th and 18th years, in the venues of Colombes (Hauts-de-Seine), in the corner of the vein of the “Invalids’ train” in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, the part of this period of the year, «C’est souvent la même chose»: «on a vu qu’il y avait de l’ambiance. In the end, it didn’t last long at 23H00, they were just dispersed, direct. On a réussi à ne pas se faire + gazer + mais on a vu des gens pris dans des nuages ​​de lacrymos », a relaté à l’AFP Alma.

“Les pelouses étaient remplies, on était vraiment beaucoup, ça faisait longtemps qu’on n’avait pas fait la fête à cause du Covid, on en avait vraiment besoin», a ayouté Emma.

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