“Niente” is the new single from Ultimo which tells the end of a long love story

It will be released on Friday 15 October “Nothing”, new single from Last which anticipates the “Solo” album. It is an edgy song, in which the singer expresses all his own anger and his emotions. It is the story of the tormented and apathetic end of a long love story, which, as always, then also makes us reflect on something else. A feeling that fades until it vanishes, a flow of thoughts that culminates with the sentence “I am my songs”, with which Ultimo increasingly emphasizes his identity as a songwriter.

“Niente” is another excerpt from “Alone”, Ultimo’s fourth studio album coming on October 22.

Below you can take a look at the tracklist:

1. The child who counted the stars
2. Nothing
3. On the final
4. Only
5. Shoot in the chest
6. Isolation
7. That thread that unites us
8. Superheroes
9. Greta’s window
10. Good morning life
11. Those guys
12. Never know where you are going
13. 22nd September
14. 7 + 3
15. All of this is you
16. I don’t love
17. 2:43 AM

This, however, the cover:

ultimo nuovo album solo uscita ottobre 2

“Solo” promises to be a very project introspective, with the human being at the center and in whom the Last he got naked, describing the emotions felt in these two years of silence and distance from their audience.

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