Nicole Richie posted the terrifying moment when her hair catches fire as she blows out the candles

If you wear long hair, remember to tie it in a ponytail before blowing out the candles: what happened to Nicole Richie teaches!

The star has accomplished 40 years on September 21 and shared a video where something really goes wrong during her party. You already understand what we are talking about: the locks around the face catch fire as she leans over the cake.

The birthday girl understandably starts screaming in terror, while a “friend tries to put out the flames with one hand. You can watch the video here on Nicole Richie’s Instagram.

We do not see how the situation will turn out, but we assume well since Nicole Richie put a super ironic caption: “Well … 40 years old for now 🔥“.

Husband too Joel Madden made a joke in the comments, stealing the iconic phrase of Paris Hilton (BFF and Nicole co-star in The Simple Life): “That’s hot“.

Benji Madden – Cameron Diaz’s brother-in-law and husband – instead enjoyed a play on words: “Stay lit“, that is to say “Stay on“, he wrote.

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