Nicaragua: elections, for Russia are ok but Costa Rica says no

MANAGUA, 08 NOV – The team of ‘escorts’ sent by Russia to follow the election day just ended in Nicaragua declared in Managua that overall “the voting process (to choose the president and 92 members of Congress, ed.)” ended successfully “. In a press conference, reports the pro-government news portal La 19 Digital, Dmitry Novikov, representative of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, said he was able to observe how the electoral authorities and the people who actively participated in the vote did all the necessary for the elections to take place in an appropriate, transparent and free environment ”. For his part, however, the president of Costa Rica, Carlos Alvarado, announced via Twitter that he did not want to recognize the elections held yesterday in Nicaragua. “Due to the lack of democratic conditions and guarantees – he declared – we do not recognize the Nicaraguan elections. We call on the government to free and restore the rights of political prisoners, as well as the international community to promote dialogue to restore democracy in Nicaragua. Starting from 18 yesterday (1 Italian today), the polling stations have begun to close their doors throughout the Nicaraguan territory, with results that should progressively be known starting from the next few hours. The wait has no particular significance, observers in Managua argue, because the reconfirmation of President Daniel Ortega, accompanied by the vice-president and wife Rosario Murillo, is taken for granted by all. (HANDLE).

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