NFT hackARThon with Solana Labs, LUMAS and Persistence One

LUMAS, Persistence One and Solana Labs take part in the first online NFT hackARThon, which will be carried out by art-st-urban during Art Basel. The hackathon with prize money of CHF 80,000 is open to both creatives and coders.

The hackARThon aims to make the new NFT ecosystem accessible to a wider audience. Its purpose is to give artists the ability to control all aspects of their art, including monetization. The hackARThon platform is open and the first teams are putting their ideas online. You are preparing for the crucial phase, which will take place on September 22nd and 23rd. With Solana Labs, LUMAS and Persistence One and BerChain, the largest blockchain community in Berlin, four strong brands from the NFT area have joined the hackARThon as ecosystem and challenge partners. Phoenix Systems and KORE Technologies, domiciled in Switzerland, are participating as infrastructure and IT partners. Teams or individuals register through the website.

art-st-urban has been running an art incubator at St. Urban Monastery for over 15 years. “The idea of ​​tokenizing an entire monastery inspired us to this hackathon,” says hackARThon organizer Reto Gadient from the CryptoValley Zug. Gertrud and Heinz Aeschlimann, the operators of art-st-urban, explain their motivation as follows: “The closings of 2020 have set in motion an unprecedented wave of innovation and rethinking in art and the cards for artists, collectors, gallery owners and others Players in the art market reshuffled ”.

The 4th dimension of the art experience – Solana Labs explains about NFT

Solana Labs and Metaplex act as ecosystem partners to solve the biggest hurdles in the development of new outstanding concepts for the metaverse of art, photography and music. Solana Labs, the San Francisco-based technology provider that has developed a high-performance Layer 1 blockchain protocol, will host a series of educational activities, art talks, and provide mentors to help attendees learn the NFT experience on Solana and the products that developed within the ecosystem. In addition to the general Solana track, VR-ALL-ART / ALL-ART and Neon Labs offer two exciting sub-challenges that inspire artists and developers to discover the fourth dimension of art for themselves.

LUMAS, a visual arts gallery primarily focused on photographic works of art, aims to discover the realm of dynamic NFT that evolve over time, for example in connection with the creative process or external events.

Persistence one reduces the entry barriers for artists

Persistence One is an interoperable protocol designed to facilitate the creation of next generation NFTs. The highly diversified team is working intensively on solutions to lower the barriers to entry for artists, improve data persistence and interoperability, and tailor-made auction and sales mechanisms for music NFT.


art-st-urban is a unique art and culture platform for art exhibitions, art education, art and music festivals and art funding. It is run by Gertrud and Heinz Aeschlimann, the founders of the “Young Artist in Residence Program” (artists and musicians), an incubator for global art talents. For more information please visit:

Participation in the hackARThon is still possible until September 20th. Here you can register.

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