Neymar denies the rupture of his partnership with Nike due to allegations of sexual aggression

The allegations by Nike, which affirmed having broken its partnership with Neymar because it refused to cooperate in an investigation after an employee accused of sexually assaulting him were “an absurd man”, are defending the player of Paris-Saint-Germain on Friday 28 May on Instagram.

Neymar assures has never been informed of this investigation by Nike, «Portfolio on allotments of reprehensible deeds formulated by an employee» of the American group.

He also goes on to say that he did not «Gave the opportunity to [se] to defend ». “I do not know [la victime présumée]. I have never had a relationship with her and I have never approached », assure-t-il.

“Irony of sorts, I must continue to carry on my torso the logo of a brand that I love. This is life! », concludes the athlete.

An investigation that was “not conclusive”

“Nike has ended its partnership with the sport because it has refused to cooperate in a good faith investigation into credible allotments of reprehensible deeds formulated by an employee”, Nike said in a statement issued to AFP on Thursday night, confirming information from the Wall Street Journal.

“The survey was not conclusive”, nevertheless wanted to specify the company based in Beaverton in Oregon, adding: “No set of facts has emerged that have allowed us to speak at the bottom of the matter. It would be inappropriate for Nike to make a statement of accusation without being able to provide facts to support it. »

Neymar’s supportive spokesman explained: “It was not an insult, it was a way of chambers”

Joined by the “WSJ”, the player’s spokesperson assured in a statement that “Neymar Jr. defends vigorously against these baseless attacks in the event that any allegation is presented, which did not arrive until present”.

The spokesperson assured that Neymar and Nike have been separated for commercial reasons, while they have been in pairs for 2019. “It’s very strange that a case was considered to have been produced in 2016, with the allegations made by a Nike employee, it was not revealed at the moment”, at-elle argué.

When Nike prematurely rescinded its sponsorship contract with Brazil in late 2020, after 13 years of collaboration, no reason was given.

Accused of violating in 2019

Supporting testimonies and documents, the Wall Street Journal reports that this employee told friends that colleagues Neymar had tried to force a fellowship in 2016, while she found in his New York hotel room, where he worked on the coordination and logistics of a promotional event. The American equipment company stated in its statement that it was ready to investigate in 2018 when its employee formulated these allegations, but that “Respects its initial desire to keep this confidential affair and to avoid opening an investigation”.

In Brazil, an open investigation into Neymar’s giant revelation

Nike therefore did not share information with the judiciary or any other third party until 2019, at which point the group hired lawyers to conduct an investigation, while the employee wanted to pursue this case.

This year, Neymar was accused of violating another woman in Brazil. What he had rejected with vehemence and the affair had finally been abandoned. At the time, Nike had expressed it “Deep preoccupation”, before assuring the player of his support once the dossier referred by the Brazilian police failure to prove.

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