new single coming on June 25th?

The fact that Ed Sheeran one is about to start new musical era hasn’t been a mystery for a few weeks already, but now we may have one certain date.

On Thursday 3 June the British artist posted a video on Instagram which portrays him together with the actress Courteney Cox. In the clip you can see the two intent on playing – she the piano and he the guitar – what seems to be an unreleased song. “June 25” reads in caption.

What if the new single by Ed?

A few days before the post was published, Ed Sheeran released a ‘interview with BBC Radio1 in which he revealed interesting details about his future projects.

“My next single is going to be something very very different – revealed – Really different from the previous ones. Whenever I have to release a single from a new album I am very nervous because I don’t know how it will go. And I like this feeling. I like to let something out and say to myself: ‘Who knows what people will think’.

According to Ed the song should have already been released, but it was all postponed due to delays related to the video clip. The song will be an advance of the new record by Ed who described how “a merger” of the above.

Stay tuned to find out more!

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