never call them «seum»

And if the Brabançonne resonated on July 11 in the evening at Wembley’s tenth anniversary? It is, in any case, at least twenty-six subjects of King Philippe for y croire dur as fer. Third of the Russian World Cup and leader of the Fifa rankings for almost a thousand days, the smallest country to have ever occupied this place (the only one, too, still fourth in all places), Belgium advances to the Euro with of arguments. Not for nothing that the algorithms of the Goldman Sachs affair bank, whose predictions are authoritative before each tournament, give him the final victory.

It seems like the time when the former co-organizers of the tournament (in 2000) were anonymous from the first round: the “Devils”, impeccable intercommunal cement of a fractured country (with its pantheon of equal parts between Walloons, Flemish and Jewish issuers of immigration), figures omnipresent in publicity and public space, have become a national stronghold that has been removed secondly the local talents in lawn hockey and paving cyclism. There is no lack today that a trophy has been made to honor the Grand Place de Bruxelles and crystallize patriotic sentiment around another souvenir of the 1986 Eurovision victory.

“I paid 10,000 euros in 4 months in Paris online sports. When I told her to take it, she let me go »

Spectacular and aesthetic team

Timidement announced at the beginning of 2010, the words “Doric Generation” sont devenus un poncif. Thorgan Hazard, little brother and teammate of Eden, star number one of the team, can advance without trembling in press conference in evocant «The best belgian team of all time», surpassing the glorious ages of the 1980s (Pfaff, Gerets, Ceulemans et consorts). In each line, the Red Devils count on experimental and world-class individualities: the Real Madrid porter, Thibaut Courtois, always has his double meter under the crossbar; Vincent Kompany’s senior and dormant player, the defense can always count on the quarterbacks Vertonghen, Alderweireld and Vermaelen, but also on the literate ones to project ahead of the former Parisian Thomas Meunier.

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The field environment remains on paper one of the best in the world with its fulgurant relaunch game in short passes, signature of the flamboyant game impulsed by Spanish coach Roberto Martinez for five years. Despite the pessimistic uncertainties about Eden Hazard, out of form after two seasons marked by injuries, Kevin De Bruyne, head of orchestra salement amoché in the final of the Champions League (fracture of the nose and orchard) and Axel Witsel, also In return for injury, Belgium could always align Tielemans, Chadli and Thorgan Hazard at the start of the competition, which will have to suffer from Russian, Danish and Finnish defeats. But the main credentials of the Devils today reside on the front of the attack with Romelu Lukaku, bulldozer physique and machine to butts (already 60 under the Belgian jersey!), Who, at 28 years old, will arrive at the end of his career with Inter Milan. Spectacular and aesthetic team, Belgium is also one of the selections that marks the most in the world: still 40 eliminated goals, ahead of England and Italy (37), with a single defeat in 24 matches since the World Cup… and the disillusionment face the Blues.

«Si on a l’occasion de se venger …»

It must be well, finally, to evoke: the stunning semi-final of Saint-Petersburg, consecutive of the most reticent exploits of the history of the Belgian foot face in the Brazil of Neymar, demeure, beyond Quiévrain, like a red iron rail of our “Séville 82”: an injustice to effect the tablets, of those that one does not lower the voice. The irony of the sort is that the Belgians will start their Euro, on Saturday evening, in the same Krestovski stadium where they left their three-year-olds.

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It must also be said: our compatriots, of whom the genius of badness is no longer proven, have shown unmatched qualities in the category of the executable winner, and of an acknowledgment in the sarcasm that is likely to constitute greater challenge ever posed to the Franco-Belgian friendship, surpassing the debates on the paternity of Johnny Hallyday, Annie Cordy and the samurai sauce. Three years later, the immense frustration after the Devil’s match, the panache of Eden Hazard (“I would rather lose to Belgium than win with France”) to the deposit of Thibaut Courtois (“We lost to a team that played for nothing”), always constitutes an inexhaustible fuel of chambers courageously endured, around a concept arrived at maturity with this historic event: the «Seum». A word that, being an algae (“venin”) Arab and therefore little used in Belgium, is therefore closely linked to the events of July 10, 2018 and preserves an intact capacity to immediately ignite the atmosphere around a phrase.

Certainly, the rancor is not unanimous and the water has fallen under the bridges. The selector Roberto Martinez, however, did not hesitate to review the film of the tragedy: “New players and the defending guard”, analyzed it on the second anniversary of the match, traumatized by the unsupported French player of the game, retrieved after the opening of the Umtiti score on corner. “We are left between the teeth, it is clear”, returned Michy Batshuayi’s attacker to the last car. “If we have the opportunity to take revenge, we take revenge, we hope. » A date is already set: next October 7, for another semi-final face to France, the one of the most anecdotal League of Nations. If a more tumultuous revenge had to take place in advance, the Devils would be volunteers. And without a doubt we will accept, in mature people, the glorious uncertainty of the sport, that the seum and the rails change a day of camp.

  • Saturday, June 12, 9 pm: Russia – Belgium, in Saint-Petersburg
  • Thursday 17 June, 18h: Denmark – Belgium, in Copenhagen
  • Monday 21 June, 21h: Belgium – Finland, in Saint-Petersburg

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