Netherlands: trial against journalist’s killers begins

ROME, OCTOBER 18 – The trial of the two killers of the Dutch investigative journalist Peter R de Vries, murdered in Amsterdam last July, has begun in The Hague. In the first hearing, reports the Guardian, it emerged that the weapon with which the reporter was hit five times could be a modified pistol found in the car in which the two killers tried to escape. At the expense of Delano G, 21, and Kamiel E, 35, there is practically everything, as explained by prosecutors in court. Witnesses, security camera footage and scientific evidence point to them as guilty of the crime that shocked the Netherlands and Europe. Delano, a Dutchman, has decided not to speak. Kamiel, a Pole, instead pleaded innocent. “I didn’t kill anyone, I don’t know anything about the murder, I didn’t see any guns. I’m innocent. They didn’t tell me what you had to do until just before … I got a car and 100 euros. They told me not to worry and that I had to take someone to Amsterdam, ”he said. De Vries, a well-known name in Dutch journalism, was cold hit in a parking lot as he was returning to his car after attending a TV talk show. He died at age 64 nine days later. He became famous in 1983 after dealing with the kidnapping of beer king Freddy Heineken and ran his own TV show about unsolved cases for 17 years. (HANDLE).

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