NBA Play-offs: Milwaukee qualifiers, Philly bien parti, Portland equalize against Denver

Milwaukee is the premier team to qualify for the semi-finals of conferences in the East, in Miami (4-0), samedi, Philadelphia on a tour of Washington (3-0), alors that Portland equalized 2-2 in Denver to the West (115-95).

Milwaukee is pressed

C’est une cinglante revanche que les Bucks ont prise sur le Heat qui leur avait marché dessus (4-1) l’été pasé, dans la bulle d’Orlando, avant d’atteindre la finale du championshipnat. In the epoch, Giannis Antetokounmpo played on a jam and the players avail l’esprit ailleurs après leur boycott historique d’un match, au nom de la lutte contre l’injustice raciale.

This time, all of the world, Donte Di Vicenzo’s horm, forfait for the rest of the season (cheville), is 100% and well concentrated on the object above the second titre, 50 years after the first glance by the legends Lew Alcindor – the future Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – and Oscar Robertson. This is a demonstration of the force of this collective (120-103).

The Antetokounmpo is demultiple, resuscitating a triple-double (20 pts, 15 passes, 12 rbds), the pivot Brook Lopez and this plus plus score (25 pts, 8 rbds).

In total, six Bucks players finished with 10 points or more, don’t hit the shooter Bryn Forbes (22, 7/14 with three points) and Khris Middleton (20 pts, 11 rbds).

En face, Jimmy Butler aussi a réussi un triple-double (12 pts, 10 passes, 10 rbds) et Bam Adebayo (20 pts, 14 rbds) s’est aussi bien battu, mais l’écart entre les deux équipes, tant sur the plan of physics that is the product of the product, and the game of matches on the plan of the mind, this is too much to compose.

Milwaukee’s adversary near the brooklyn of Brooklyn-Boston, les Nets less than 2-1.

“We don’t have to concentrate on what we know and want to play more, not defensively. I want to be the team that defends us, we are ready, ”said the Greek.

Portland to the resource

Fares rares: Damian Lillard (10 pts, 1/10 aux tirs, 10 passes, 8 rbds) this day is a very difficult part of the Portland and Nikola Jokic’s place not to be seen for Denver (16 pts, 9 rbds). Alors, c’est le collectif des Blazers qui a su en profiter pour egaliser dans leur duel.

Norman Powell is equal to his record of personnel points (29, 11/15 aux tirs), as well as CJ McCollum at about 21 others. The bank has this offensive performance (50 pawns) and the defense has a very good job in limiting the Nuggets to 34% of the weight of the tires.

Match N.5 aura lieu mardi in Denver.

Les Sixers deroulent

Porté by Joel Embiid (36 pts, 8 rbds) ultra-dominant in the interior, Philadelphia to report a three-pronged affiliate success (132-103) in Washington, which on appeal and other, synonymous with qualification for the demi-finals to the East, the most beautiful thing is superior to the Wizards.

In the image of Tobias Harris (20 pts, 13 rbds), all the world or pressure on this 76ers, which is offensively arranged (57% of the return on tires, 51% of the arc) , certes bien aidés par l’arrière-garde adverse pas vraiment hermétique.

En face, Bradley Beal, plutôt maladroit (10/26, dont 1/8 derrière l’arc), a apporté 25 points et Russell Westbrook a été en mode triple-double (26 pts, 12 rbds, 10 passes), mais ils it was too much to make miracles.

Utah master of the Grizzlies

Donovan Mitchell commune to assemble in power: to repos imposted pendant plus of a month after an entry to a cheville, le meneur (29 pts, 5 passes) this is a predictor of the victory of Jazz (121-111) for his second match , which coincides with the adventure (2-1) for his team in Memphis.

Utah to dominate this review and to maintain the Grizzlies overhaul tent in the 4th quarter, well done by Mike Conley (27 pts, 8 passes) and Rudy Gobert (15 pts) who will still have these disputable things in the racket ( 14 pts, 4 rbds).

En face, la pépite Ja Morant a encore été performante (28 pts, 7 passes) pour ses premiers play-off, tout comme Dillon Brooks (27 pts), vainement.

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