Naomi Osaka retires from tournament and evokes mental health

Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka, No. 2 World Cup, announced on Monday, May 31, his decision to withdraw from the Roland-Garros tournament, after a brawl with the organizers over his refusal to attend press conferences. In a message on Twitter, she explained her choice in evoking a question of well-being and her difficulties with her mental health.

“I think the best sleep for the tournament, for the other players and for my own well-being is to declare a package so that the whole world can concentrate [sur le tennis] », at-elle écrit, affirmant ne pas vouloir être “A distraction.”

The player announced on Thursday his refusal to address the press during the tournament, triggering a controversy. She was cheated on Sunday in return for a $ 15,000 amendment (about $ 12,300). It risks a further suspension in case of recidivism, sanction which it has finally anticipated.

“Long periods of depression”

The player is revenue on the reason she had advanced to explain her media boycott, her mental health, which had been questioned, as the «Team».

“I’ve been through a long period of depression since the US Open 2018 and it’s been very difficult to manage, revealing the player. Those who know me know that I am an introvert and those who see me during tournaments have noticed that I often bring listeners, to help me manage my social anxiety. »

Naomi Osaka tells how the press conferences can be a trial exercise for her and explains that she is already very “Vulnerable and anxious”, she took the decision not to take part during the tournament, assuring the organizers that she was available to answer questions from journalists after the tournaments.

Une amende de 15000 dollars

The 23-year-old player, winner of four tournaments in the Grand Chelem, will be asleep “Take some time off from school”, hoping to find an agreement by working with the Great Chelem « to improve the situation, both for the players, than for the press or the fans ».

After the announcement of the Thursday game, which had part of its sentiment that « People have no equal for the mental health of sportsmen », the President of the French Federation of Tennis has been widely criticized: “It’s a phenomenal mistake and it’s on display at this point, today, it’s because in our sport there is strong governance., had launched Gilles Moretton. That which happens is not, in my opinion, acceptable. There are rules, laws, we sing about penalties, amendments, but beyond that, it’s the tennis we want to promote. »

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