MTV Rightocracy: the story of Aewon Wolf, who sings to unite communities and safeguard the Earth

A new episode of MTV Rightocracy, a new story that inspires you to be a game changer!

Just like Aewon Wolf that, like all the protagonists of the special narrated by the legendary Ensi, brings a positive change to the world starting from his little one.

Arnold Phillips, known precisely by the stage name of Aewon Wolf, is a successful South African artist, singer, director and songwriter.

He was born in the coastal city of Durban, where he co-founded the collective called The Wolfpack and where he fights for creativity to be a shared good. He also founded The Werehouse, a lifestyle center and event venue that has contributed a lot to the development of Durban’s creative scene.

With his music he sends sustainability messages, because for him Rightocracy it is not only the struggle to enforce rights, but also to safeguard the world in we live in. Press play to learn more about Aewon Wolf and what he is doing:

New videos and new inspiring stories await you in MTV Rightocracy: you can find them on MTV Italia’s Facebook, IGTV and YouTube. Comment using #Rightocracy.

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