MSI Modern MD241, review. Professional monitor for home and office

In the last year, smart workers have increased significantly due to the pandemic. The importance of using suitable and ergonomic devices to be able to support an entire working week has now become essential. When looking for a monitor to work some of the essential features that many users are looking for are certainly image quality, possible adjustments and connectivity.

The new monitor MSI from the Modern series, wants to offer a high-end solution to all those workers who wish to upgrade their workstation for smartworking. This lineup, which certainly places its strengths on theelegance and ergonomics, proposes the MD241 as a 24-inch IPS solution available in two different colors (white / black).


The MSI Modern MD241 has a panel IPS not curved from 23.8 inches Full HD (1920 x1080 pixels) and is available in white or black. The refresh rate is 75Hz, the response time is 5 ms GtG, a value that makes the monitor less suitable for all the most frenetic video games, but at the same time the 75 Hz make it more responsive and fluid during everyday use. The maximum brightness of the panel is 250 cd / m², there is therefore no HDR certification. The static contrast is 1000: 1 and coverage sRGB is 111.03%. The monitor is equipped with two 1W speakers for multimedia content.

Connectivity and commands

The doors are positioned in the lower central part. Looking at the monitor from the front we find the DC connector for power supply (the transformer is external) and the 3.5mm jack connector for audio output. Next we find the two ports for video input, one HDMI version 1.4 it’s a Type-C. In fact, there is no Display Port port which is replaced by the Type-C port and which also allows the connection of mobile devices. Both ports support the native resolution of the monitor with a refresh rate of 75Hz. Unfortunately, there is no USB hub to connect input devices such as mouse and keyboard.

Design and aesthetics

As the name of the product line suggests, the design of the monitor is intended to be elegant and minimalist. The 23.8-inch screen has a very thin frame (black also for the white version) on the sides and in the upper part, while in the lower part we find the frame with the logo and the indications relating to the 5 keys present to manage the OSD. The stand is rather slender and slender, while the rectangular base (necessary to allow the “swivel”) weighs down a bit the design of the monitor.

Experience of use

The ergonomics of the monitor are excellent both thanks to the stand supplied in the package and thanks to the technologies present on the panel. The stand allows four different adjustments: the monitor can be tilted 20 degrees, rotated 90 degrees to place it vertically and facilitate navigation on web pages or writing. The stand can also be height adjusted by 110mm. All these adjustments combined with the178 degree viewing angle make the monitor perfect also for team working or to be used as a secondary vertical monitor. The stand can be removed and replaced with a VESA mount using the 75 × 75mm mount.

The IPS panel has excellent sRGB coverage, the colors are bright and realistic. Through the settings in the OSD or using the monitor’s “MSI Display Kit” software, all settings such as contrast and color temperature can be changed according to user preferences. The brightness of the panel is not particularly high, so it may be difficult to use it in conditions of high ambient light, although the matte coating manages to reduce any reflections.

No accentuated visual defects of the panel in color reproduction were detected, in low light conditions there is a slight backlight bleeding near the lower edges of the monitor in low light conditions, but the defect is not so pronounced as to disturb in a way significant use in the office or for free time.

The technologies on the panel to increase comfort are excellent. There reduction of blue light it allows not to strain the eye even during rather long work sessions. The low brightness and the little blue light emitted allow you to use the monitor even in the evening without activating the blue light filter integrated in the OS. In addition, the technology “MSI Anti-flicker”Stabilizes the video input and reduces image flicker making it sharper and further reducing eye strain.


The MSI Modern MD241 is a high-end monitor with a ‘excellent ergonomics, suitable for work or office. All image customization options allow the user to find the best compromise between visual comfort and vividness of colors. The adjustments available on the stand allow you to adapt the monitor according to the user’s needs and allow excellent versatility in case you need to share work with the team in the office, or if you need to rotate the screen vertically, for example to write code .

The presence of the Type-C port (with DisplayPort support) allows you to connect several devices to the monitorFurthermore, the integrated speakers allow you to not have to connect external speakers, saving space on the desk. Also useful is the presence of the 3.5mm audio connector to connect earphones and listen to multimedia content without disturbing others.

The monitor is therefore recommended for all those users looking for an excellent office monitor, or a good secondary monitor to be combined with a main gaming monitor. The MSI Modern MD241 will be available at MSI Authorized Resellers at introductory price of 219.99 euros.

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