Mps, subordinated bonds collapse. Burden sharing is scary

MILAN, 25 OCT – The four subordinated bonds issued by Mps collapse, for a total value of 1.75 billion euros. The securities sell between 13% and 19.4% on fears of a burden sharing in the event that Monte, in the absence of investors willing to subscribe to the increase with the State, should be secured with a precautionary recapitalization and not at market conditions. The 750 million bond maturing in 2028 loses 16.8% and trades just over 60% of its nominal value, the 300 million bond maturing in 2029 falls by 13% to 84.5, the 400 million bond maturing in 2030 collapses by 19.4% to 63.4 and that from 300 million with maturity in 2030 by 18.9% to 66. (ANSA).

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