Mortele telephony in Italy: the justice examine the old videos

The hut of a cable car, after the rupture of a cable, made 14 mortals dont cinq Israelis and a blessed grave in Stresa.
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The parquet that surveyed the tragic accident of a telephone in the Nord of Italy examines the videos, tours in 2014 and 2018 and which will document the abnormal presence of a disorienting emergency.

The hut of a cable car on Sunday, May 23, after the rupture of a cable, a 14-year-old mortal dont cinq Israelis and a blessed grave in Stresa, a spa station of Piedmont on the rivers of Lake Majeur. Responsible for the guaranteed company, the telephonists are suppositories of having voluntarily left the emergency room, thanks to a special special appeal called “fourchette”, for not interrupting the service.

The images touring between 2014 and 2018 in Stresa par Suisse Michael Meier, a telephonist passionate about working on the sector in this sector, on this diffused mardi soir in an issue of the ZDF German chain that transmits justice to justice. .

The Italian prosecution of Verbania – the fifth city of Stresa – in charge of the inquiry, Olimpia Bossi, confirmed in the foulée aux médias italiens les avoir en main, sans avoir encore évalué ces nouveaux documents.

After the tragic accident in Italy, the video of the re-examination of the archives, the fruit of several voyages to the telephone board of Stresa.

J’ai remarqué que l’on pouvait déjà voir sur les photos ces fourchettes dont les médias italiens ont parlé.

«I remarked that he was able to see on the photos these fourchettes dont les medias italiens ont parlé. Les fourchettes étaient déjà utilisées en 2014 en prsesence de personas dans la cabine », at-il déclaré à ZDF qui indique pour sa part qu’elles sont parfaitement visibles sur les images tournées.

Le Suisse a également pris des images le 9 juin 2018 documentant la présence de ce dispositif de blocage des freins d’urgence, indique ZDF.

Tourist tour, the telephony of Stresa is 20 minutes away from the small village of Mont Mottarone, which offers a spectacular view of Lake Majeur and the Alps.

In 2014, the TV station opened this farm for a restructuring that took place in August 2016, using the inquiries quoted by the Italian press agency Agi.

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