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In addition to the decades of children in the world of caniculars, they are directly attributed to climate change, as well as a study published on Mondays.

To realize this rare study of the recognition of the consequences of the publication in the public health system, 70 international writers on a compilation of the data provided by 732 sites reported in 43 countries over a period between 1991 and 2018.

They also use a complex methodology for calculating, to determine the sanitary data, temperature and climate modeling, the difference between the numbers of children and the registered heat with the necessary attendance.

And the results of our calculations, published in the Nature Climate Change review, in 37% of the decades of life in the heat are directly attributed to the consequential consequences.

This will be traced to the owners of a balance of 100,000 children in the heat and direct climate change. Chiffre qui pourrait être sous-estimé car les données manquent pour certaines régions du monde particulièrement affectées par les vagues de chaleur, comme l’Afrique centrale ou l’Asie du sud.

In developed countries, United States, Australia, France, Great Britain and Spain, the numbers of children attributed at a rate of 35% to 39%, more than one month at the rate of 40% in countries such as Mexico, l’Afrique du Sud, la Thaïlande, le Vietnam ou le Chili. And the 60% deposit in the country pays like Brussels, Peru, Colombia, the Philippines, Cowe or Guatemala.

These results dismantled that “the climate change is not something that has chosen to be a loner,” said Antonio Gasparrini, principal of the study and professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. “We are able to measure the negative impacts on health, in addition to environmental and environmental effects.”

A study of 2019 published in the Lancet has estimated at 300,000 in the years since the world of caniculars, the avant-garde scientists who will continue to multiply with the effect of climate change who had about 70,000 deaths in Europe in 2003

This mortality is not due exclusively to the elevation of the highest temperature (from 1.5 ° C until 1991 in the localities of study). The duration of canonical episodes, the house of night temperatures by reporting on the journeys of the journals or the tales of humidity, not only the important roles.

The adaptation techniques can also play a role. The mortality pours down to the base with the diffusion of the air conditioner. However, this goal is energetic and contributes to the recovery …

Les etudes sur l’attribution des conséquences du réchauffement, notamment sur les phenomènes météo extrêmes, ont pris de l’ampleur ces dernières années, mais sont encore assez rares concernant les conséquences sur la santé humaine, souligne Dan Mitchell’, chercheur à de Bristol (Great Britain), in a commentary on the study published by Nature Climate Change. “This change of point of view is essential, for the world leaders understand the risks.”

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