Modà: the tracklist of the new album “Buona Fortuna

Among the New Music Fridays on Friday 12 November there will also be “Good Luck – Part One”, the new album by Fashion which, as the title suggests, will be the first chapter of a larger project.

The EP will consist of 6 unpublished, including the single “The show begins”, released in September.

This the tracklist:

“The show begins”
“You will never miss the sea”
“Good luck good life good moon”
“22 square meters”
“Fuckin ‘winter”
“Sorry if I don’t remember it anymore”

In “Buona Fortuna – Part One” the songs oflove in classic Modà style like “22 square meters” (new single in radio rotation from 12 November) e “Fucking winter”. The theme of paternal love is told in “You will never miss the sea”, where Kekko speaks to her daughter telling her not to make her own mistakes.

Instead, a personal wish is “Good luck good life good moon “, a song that allowed the author to relive a moment of weakness, one of those from which you would like to escape and never go back. To close the EP we find “Sorry if I don’t remember it anymore”, a story marked byAlzheimer’s where the protagonist, at the beginning of the illness, alternates moments of total darkness with moments of lucidity.

The Modà will present live the songs of “Buona Fortuna – Parte Prima” and the hits of the past during their next one tour rescheduled in 2022. HERE find the updated concert calendar.

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