Mobrici and Brunori Sas together in “Povero cuore”: the meaning of the song

Mobrici collaborated with friend and colleague Brunori Sas in the new single “Poor heart”, out on Friday 17 September.

About the meaning of the piece, Mobrici explains:

It’s a song about a poor heart, mine. It is a burnt, tired heart that can no longer love, but what struggle to be reborn, to be pushed elsewhere, far away. He is ready to go and be shown again, but aware that he needs some courage, of a push. “

Regarding the collaboration with Brunori Sas he adds:

“When I wrote this piece, almost everything was already there, but I felt that he needed an external look, a vision different from mine but within the same piece. So I thought about Dario, a kind of teacher for me but also an older brother in a certain sense. In ‘poor heart’ I see a perfect collaboration, because having written his part, that is the second verse, he makes sure to answer me, to encourage me, to help me. It’s a conversation in song form, like when a friend comes in life and gives you a hand. After all, it’s a piece full of optimism, capable of giving you a pat on the back and the desire to start over. “

mobrici brunori sas povero cuore significato canzone

“Poor heart” comes next “Goes down”, Mobrici single released last May and made together with Gazelles.

ph cover image: press office, credit Giacomo Triglia

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