Minneapolis has a tent to roar to the circulation of the road that is dead George Floyd

The city of Minneapolis has been judging the circulation of intersection since the death of African-American George Floyd

The city of Minneapolis tends to roam the circulation of intersection or death of African-American George Floyd, living in a place of memory that also has a non-right zone of violence.

Arrivés avant le lever du jour, des employés municipaux de la metropole du nord des Etats-Unis ont retiré des blocs de béton qui bloquaient les accès du carrefour où le quadragénaire noir a succombé sous le genou d’un policier blanc, le 25 mai 2020 , found a photographer from AFP.

They have an installed installation of circulation panels to create a round-point author of a statue of an enormous point left, aroused in the center of which this square was rebuilt in “Square George Floyd”.

An association of rivers helps to disarm the tensions with the militants antiracistes who, plus more than one, occupy the beds and tend to jeudi d’empêcher leur reouverture.

Ces derniers conditionnent l’evacuation du carrefour à l’adoption de reformes de la policé, sous le slogan «pas de justice, pas de rue».

A symbol of the difficulties that traverse America, the site is a place of reckoning and debate, with mural paintings, a community garden and other installations.

But this is also a non-right zone of the police is not welcome. The coupe de feu y sont fréquents, surtout la nuit, et ont fait une dizaine de morts ou de blessés dans les environs en un an, selon les forces de l’ordre.

The police are not associated with the networking operation, but the AFP is based on John Elder’s words.

The city “has been paying close attention to the preservation of artistic objects and objects” in the memory of George Floyd’s memoir, which was written by Sarah McKenzie.

The authorities on all occasions want to roam the carrefour, but they attend the end of the processes of the white police officer Derek Chauvin, who, in April, reconstructed the bath of George Floyd’s death.

To help redevelop the neighborhood, the Floyd family is the first to finance a dime of a million dollars in economic and local associates, on the 27 million dollars of households and interests that the municipality is engaged in. verser.

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