Migrants: Darmanin cancels meeting with Minister GB

ROME, NOV 26 – The French Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, canceled the meeting with his British colleague, Priti Patel, scheduled for Sunday in Calais to discuss the dossier on migrants, in response to Prime Minister Boris Johnson who asked in Paris to take back immigrants arriving in Great Britain. In a message to Patel, Darmanin argues that if the British Prime Minister’s letter to French President Emmanuel Macron is a “disappointment”, the fact that he made it public “is even worse”. The British government urges Paris to reverse its decision. “I hope the French will reconsider (their decision),” Transport Minister Grant Shapps told the BBC. It is in our interest. It is in their best interest, ”he added. Shapps said “no nation can tackle the migrant crisis alone” after 27 people died on Wednesday when their boat capsized in the English Channel. (HANDLE).

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