Michele Fiore, the ‘gunslinger’ candidate for Nevada governor

ROME, OCTOBER 26 – The objectives of his political program can be summarized in three main points and Michele Fiore, 51-year-old republican and supporter of the first hour of Donald Trump, now a candidate for governor of Nevada, marks them on the labels of as many bottles of beer: mandatory of vaccines, electoral fraud, critical race theory. Aim, aim, shoot, hit! This is the key scene of the election video presented by Fiore in recent days at a press conference at the Italian-American club in Las Vegas. Originally from New York, Fiore served in the Nevada Assembly from 2012 to 2016, while she is currently a City Councilor in Las Vegas. And her political manifesto emerges clearly from the election video, in which she is seen arriving in the Nevada desert aboard an SUV with a sticker clearly visible: ‘Trump 2024’. She is wrapped in a fiery red dress, with belt and gun, which she uses to ‘hit’ the main themes of her political proposal. However, it is not the first time that Michele Fiore has talked about himself for the way in which he is spent in favor of the second amendment to the US Constitution, the one that recognizes the right to hold arms to American citizens, the Daily Mail recalls that in 2015 Fiore sent Christmas cards with a family photo in which relatives were pictured with semi-automatic pistols, including five-year-old grandson Walther. At the time Fiore defended himself from criticism by stating that in the photo the child was not keeping his fingers on the trigger. (HANDLE).


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