Metaverse: Nike doesn’t want to miss the opportunity

Last week we told you about Meta: the new name of Mark Zuckerberg’s company. Meta with the future Metaverse promises a whole new social experience, with great integration into real life and improved social interactions.

In this new context, many companies are taking an interest in the Metaverse to get ready for the “launch” of the news. Nike has already registered its brands and extended to the possibility of landing on the new version of the internet.

The company probably will exploit these new possibilities to propose accessories and dress up your own Metaverse “avatar”. Let’s talk about a real universe of possibilities, while still virtual, but to stand out from all the other users of the new digital world.

With Metaverse it indicates a kind of internet evolution we know today. According to the words of Mark Zuckerberg it is a real platform through which it will be possible to access all useful information, a new virtual social life as well as all new experiences.

Some experts argue instead that this new name simply identifies the set of all platforms currently available on the internet market and therefore not a real revolution.


One thing is certain: the new Meta does not seem to want to miss the opportunity to be the protagonist of what could be a real digital revolution and many other companies are ready to do the same.


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