Met Gala 2021, Kim Kardashian dressed in the one thing she can’t have: anonymity

The red carpets are all about celebrities showing their best faces, but what if you can’t see their faces? Kim Kardashian asked this question to Met Gala 2021, completely swaddled in hers haute couture dress by Balenciaga.

An all black ensemble with mask and train, unlike anything the 40-year-old – or anyone else – has ever worn to the Met Ball. By completely obscuring his features and famous physique, the look gave the reality star something he has long lost and will never get back: anonymity.

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The dress and its mysterious aura gave us something totally new, centering the theme of this edition of the Met Gala: “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion“dedicated to the celebration of American fashion and its history. Is there anything more American than constantly chasing fame and stardom at any cost? Kim Kardashian is the product of the American dream, but with her look, this time, it seems wanting to embody all its contradictions.

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