Merkel, ‘evacuation ahead as much as possible for Afghans’

BERLIN, 25 AUG – “We will continue the evacuation mission for as long as possible”, so that the Afghans who helped the Germans on the spot “can leave the country”. Angela Merkel said this when speaking to the Bundestag, in an extraordinary intervention that should be the last as Chancellor, on the Afghanistan emergency. “The dialogue with the Taliban must continue” to safeguard the achievements of the Afghans, he added. Merkel then said that the speed of the collapse of the Afghan government and army “was underestimated”, “even by Germany”, But Berlin, added the chancellor, “did not follow a special path, at the beginning of the mission as now in the evacuation plans “. For his part, opening the session, the president of the Bundestag, Wolfgang Scaeuble, in Afghanistan “has been destroyed what we have built in the last two decades”, “now we have a moral duty. We cannot leave people in the lurch ”. (HANDLE).

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