Member of the ‘Rust’ troupe sues, including Alec Baldwin

NEW YORK, 11 NOV – A member of the ‘Rust’ film crew Serge Svetnoy has filed a lawsuit against several companies and individuals involved in the film, including Alec Baldwin, after the accident that cost the life of director of photography Halyna Hutchins. The proceedings accuse Baldwin, assistant director David Halls, gunsmith Hannah Gutierrez Reed and other defendants of negligence that caused Svetnoy “severe emotional distress”. In addition to blaming the manufacturers, among other things, for not hiring a competent and experienced gunsmith. The man, who worked as head lighting technician on set, says he was hit by “waste materials” from the explosion and narrowly missed by the bullet from the gun the actor was holding. “The presence of a real bullet in a revolver represented a lethal threat to anyone in its vicinity,” reads the lawsuit, which argues for the “failure to implement industry standards for the custody and control of firearms used. on the set”. Svetnoy believes “that the ammunition used was never safely stored and was simply left unattended on the scene truck.” (HANDLE).

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