Meghan Markle wrote to her father to protect Harry

ROME, NOV 13 – Meghan Markle wrote one of the letters sent to her father Thomas only in an attempt to protect her husband, Prince Harry, from the constant reproaches of the royals that he had failed to silence his father-in-law. This was revealed by an exchange of messages between the Duchess of Sussex and the then head of communication Jason Knauf which was disclosed in the context of the appeal to the Court of Appeal initiated by Associated Newspapers Ltd (Anl), the parent company of the historic national tabloids. – British populists Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday, found guilty of violating Meghan’s privacy and copyrights with the publication of two letters to her father in 2018. In one of these text messages, dated 22 August 2018, Meghan sends Knauf a draft of the letter and explains that she has chosen this means of communication because “unlike an email or a message, it cannot be copied and pasted by cutting some parts. It also leaves no door open for conversation ”. “What motivates me is the pain this whole situation is causing to H,” writes the former actress referring to her husband Harry. “Even after a week with her father – underlines the Duchess speaking in this case of Prince Charles – and explaining the situation endlessly, her family seems to forget the context and keeps repeating: ‘She can’t just go to him and do it quit?’ Basically they don’t understand, so at least H can say to his family: ‘She wrote him a letter and he keeps talking.’ By doing so, Meghan concludes in this series of messages quoted by the Guardian, “I protect my husband from this constant reproach and, although unlikely, perhaps I will allow my father to take a moment to rest”. The Duchess finally states that she is aware that the letter could go out somewhere because of this, she says, “I have chosen every word meticulously”, including the use of the word “daddy” (‘dad’) which, if the letter were revealed , “Would touch the strings of the heart.” (HANDLE).

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