Maximum 2 by taxi, green pass control at the station

ROME, NOV 15 – On taxis and NCCs it is “advisable to avoid that the passenger occupies the available seat next to the driver”. Furthermore, on the rear seats, “in order to respect the safety distances, no more than two passengers may be transported, spaced as far as possible, if not members of the same family unit”. This is the provisions of the new ordinance of the Ministry of Health and of MIMS for the containment of Covid in transport and logistics in which it is specified that the driver is required to wear a surgical mask or of a higher level and must have the Green Pass. . The ordinance also provides that in large railway stations equipped with electronic barriers for access to trains, the control of the green pass must preferably be done on the ground while if there are passengers on the train with symptoms attributable to covid, the health or police authorities can decide to stop the train itself. (HANDLE).

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