Marracash confirmed that he and Elodie broke up

And he explained that the “Crazy Love” video is their way of talking about the breakup publicly

Marracash And Elodie are no longer a couple: after the rumors shot in recent times, the rapper confirmed this in an “interview on Corriere della Sera.

Fabio Rizzo (the real name of the 42-year-old artist) released the new album today “We, Them, the Others”: the singer also appears on one of the three covers of the album, together with Marracash’s family and his longtime manager Paola Zukar.

Elodie is also the protagonist of the official video of “Crazy Love“: in the clip directed by Giulio Rosati, she and the rapper compete in a fencing duel with no winners or losers.

Elodie, 31, and Marracash, 42 – getty images

In his statement al Courier service, Marracash explained that the video is their way of talking about the breakup publicly: “We broke up during the making of the record. It was a challenging time for both of us and we both tried to make ends meet. It’s nice that she is on the cover with my family and the people who have been closest to me“.

It’s also in the Crazy Love video: we stage the end of our relationship and kill each other. With gossip raging, I didn’t want to give explanations on social media. Here we are met on the set of a video and we thought it would be nice to close the circle with another video“.

The set of the video where they met, quoted by Marracash, is that of “Margarita“: their love was born thanks to the featuring clip released in 2019.

They had confirmed the relationship in October of the same year and in 2020 there was the couple’s debut on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival. Elodie ahe mentioned the then fiancĂ© in the touching speech held while co-hosting the Sanremo 2021 Festival.

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