Marnie Simpson has revealed which friends of Geordie Shore will be attending her wedding

We have seen Casey Johnson ask for the hand of Marnie Simpson in Geordie OG and, fast forward to today, wedding preparations are already well underway!

The 29-year-old told in an “interview on Ok Magazine that the initial idea was to go abroad but that due to the pandemic they changed their minds e they will get married in the UK. They still want to give the ceremony a “holiday feeling“and for this they will say yes in front of the sea.

But who will be there to applaud them when they become husband and wife? Marnie Simpson also revealed which Geordie friends will attend the wedding, between the original cast and the latest arrivals!

Charlotte Crosby, Chloe Ferry, Sophie Kasaei, Nathan Henry, Holly Hagan and Bethan Kershaw they will come to the wedding“. He already knows that:”It will get very wild, but it wouldn’t have been a wedding without them“.

Waiting for the big day, you can get excited again with Casey’s proposal to Marnie: thanks to the cameras of Geordie OG 3 you have a front row seat to review this romantic moment! Press play on video below:

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