Marlon Harrison’s dizzying tricks in a hypnotic video [VIDEO DI SURF]

Surfing: a sport, a thousand emotions.

What’s more thrilling and adrenaline-pumping than being in the middle of the Gold Coast with waves towering over you? Probably nothing, especially if your name is Marlon Harrison and at the age of 17 you ride the ocean like a true professional.

That’s true when it is said that age doesn’t matter! The DNA of those who surf is clear from birth.

Dizzying, mind-blowing and full of energy, the style of Marlon you recognize it on the first wave. So fast it almost seems to spark if it weren’t for the water that extinguishes everything.

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To clarify your ideas even more on what we have just said, we strongly recommend that you sit comfortably and devour yourself with your eyes this hypnotic video in which the Quiksilver rider ride spectacular waves.

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