marked the first dates of the Cabriolet Panorama Tour 2021

Among the artists who will return to perform live this summer there are also the The Kolors!

The band has just announced the first dates of the Cabriolet Panorama Tour 2021 which will see them busy in the coming months.

These are the dates scheduled so far:

July 24 – Civitanova Marche (MC) – Arena del Mare
01 August – Ladispoli (RM) – Palo Laziale Oasis Park (Via Corrado Melone)
05 September – Pacentro (AQ) – Sports field

“Today is an important day for us – wrote Stash on Instagram on Wednesday 2 June – In the afternoon we will announce the first dates of this summer’s concerts … There won’t be many places, of course … There won’t be big concerts in front of thousands of people … but for us it’s a big step forward! In compliance with the rules, always! “

The Kolors tour takes its name from their latest single “Cabriolet Panorama”, released on April 30th.

Speaking of the song, Stash said:

“Cabriolet Panorama is a song that comes from my personal story but clearly in comparison with David it has become a universal tale. Our experiences confronted and merged to write. It is in fact the story of the moment in which you realize that the person you met is different from everyone else, different from any previous story and the feeling of deja vu that often occurs when the stories are all the same leaves room for surprise. Everything is new, everything it is a discovery one of the other. Let’s say that the sense of the song can be summed up in the pre-chorus when I sing: It seems a bit “deja vu, all clear tonight (….) You seem good at dreaming but then thank goodness I’m crazier than you and I’m ready if you say that you .. would like to escape a car and the sea will never come back “.

ph: press office, credit Alessandro Treves

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