Manhattan thinks of a Mose to defend itself from hurricanes

ROME, 04 NOV – On the ninth anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, the terrible Atlantic storm that hit the east coast of the United States in early November 2012, causing devastation and victims (44 in New York alone). a group of researchers, engineers and politicians proposed the construction of a mega barrier to protect the Big Apple. It would be, Bloomberg reports, a system of ‘gates’, huge steel doors arranged around the city that can be closed in the event of an impending disaster. A structure similar to the Mose in Venice or the Maeslant in the Netherlands, a barrier almost as long as the Eiffel Tower or the Thames Barrier in London, as long as a 5-storey building. The idea is to raise the barriers at four points in New York: East River, Jones Inlet, East Rockway and the New York Harbor. The gates would remain open most of the time but will be closed on the first weather alert. The cost of such a project, according to the working group’s estimates, would be around 30-40 billion dollars. (HANDLE).

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