Maneuver: Confindustria, missing turn, 13 billion for wedge cut

ROME, NOV 22 – The budget maneuver, “despite some positive interventions, does not mark a significant step forward towards the modernization of the country. In fact, his approach certainly responds to the need to accompany him along the path out of the crisis, but it does not seem capable of supporting those transformative demands of the Italian economy and society, which are also the basis of Next Generation Eu “. This is the opinion of Confindustria, expressed at the hearing on the Budget Law, to the Budget Committees of the Senate and the House and also reiterated by President Carlo Bonomi who asked to increase the resources available for tax cuts. “We believe the eight billion is low, we believe that at least 13 billion should be put on a strong contribution cut in the tax wedge,” said the industrial leader. According to Bonomi, “it is true that exports are doing very well, this year we will perhaps make 550 billion and therefore the record, but we must also stimulate domestic demand, which has been at a standstill for decades. Secondly, given that raw materials are increasing, energy costs are increasing, the only competitiveness factor we can work on – he concluded – is to lower labor costs “. The trade unions are not of the same opinion, also heard in Parliament on the maneuver. CGIL, CISL and UIL ask to focus the tax cut only on workers and retirees, because companies, as reported by the union led by Maurizio Landini, have already had 10 billion in the budget law. (HANDLE).

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