Maneuver: Bank of Italy, rightly cautious on pensions

ROME, NOV 23 – The choices about pensions “are rightly prudent; in an adverse demographic context, the burden that falls on cohorts of workers that are diminishing must be kept under control ”. This was underlined by the Bank of Italy in the hearing on the maneuver. “The limited margins available immediately can be used to facilitate the exit from work of those who perform particularly tough jobs or are in precarious health conditions (the extension and expansion of the social EPA would go in this direction). When the pressures on the public finances have been reduced, the margins of flexibility outgoing can be extended ”. Since employee earnings represent just over half of the total declared income, the objective of reducing the tax wedge that weighs on them would be more effectively achievable with the revision of deductions and supplementary treatment “, ie the former Irpef bonus, “Rather than with the sole reduction of the rates which would also favor incomes other than those from employees”. At the same time that for the Irap cut it will be necessary to take into account the funding of the NHS, “identifying alternative solutions”. (HANDLE).


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