Mafia massacres, Manfredi Borsellino: “There are those at the top of the police who did not honor the uniform I wear, before and after the attacks”

“I want to say to those agents who escorted my father, even to those who survived who today are fathers and grandparents that I owe a lot to them: I owe the uniform that I honor to wear but that in those years, often, was not honored by some senior police officers, both before and after mafia massacres“. To speak for the first time on TV is Manfredi Borsellino, the son of the magistrate Paolo Borsellino killed in the attack on via D’Amelio on 19 July 1992 together with his escort: Vincenzo Li Mules, Walter Eddie Cosina, Claudio Trolling, Agostino Catalano ed Emanuela Loi.

Deputy Commissioner and Head of the Commissariat of Mondello, Purse a One morning with the family on Rai1 he explained that he “wants to give a voice to all the survivors of those massacres: I am referring not only to Antonio Vullo who remained alive in via D’Amelio but also to another group of policemen who voluntarily chose to escort my father, when a Palermo, after massacre of Capacifear spread within the police headquarters even just to perform a service for my dad, given the very high risk of attacks. These policemen not only proposed to escort him but by pure chance they did not find themselves in via D’Amelio on July 19, 1992“.

If the magistrate’s son today decided to serve the State, he did so thanks to the dedication that the police men had for dad: “I owe them the choice, made 21 years ago, to serve the institutions of this country than at the time they didn’t do everything what was in their ability to save one of his best children. I have a very strong debt of gratitude towards these policemen who have remained alive ”.

There is also some criticism of those who represent Justice: “I should limit myself to saying that my father’s lesson was partially understood; also the recent news events that have affected the judiciary they teach us that certain examples have not been received. His sacrifice is that of Giovanni Falcone it is not in vain and school children today prove it ”.

But there is also time for some personal memories in the interview with Tiberius Timperi: “My father was a simple person, he didn’t go to salons. His friends were normal. He was a very attentive father, he was divided between work and education for his children, he spent a lot of time with us. I lived unforgettable moments with him, I repeated the rhymes of university subjects to him, I played sports, I also confided my first sentimental experiences. Although he sacrificed his life aware of leaving us, he always put his family before his professional commitments “. The best memory of your father? Here Manfredi Borsellino is moved: “It’s his smile”.

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