Made in Italy: Sace, in 2021 exports + 11.3%, as pre-covid

ROME, SEPTEMBER 14 – The rebound of the global economy will drive Made in Italy exports which will reach higher levels than those pre-pandemic. Sace states this in the 2021 Export Report “Back to the future: anatomy of a post-pandemic recovery”. SACE estimates an 11.3% rebound in exports of goods, with full return to pre-pandemic levels as early as 2021 when sales will reach 482 billion. In 2022, growth will be 5.4%. and 4% in the following two years. This pace, almost one point higher than the pre-crisis average rate (+ 3.1%, on an annual average, between 2012 and 2019), will make it possible to reach the value of 550 billion in exports of goods in 2024. However, failure to contain the pandemic would force the global economy to slow down. In this scenario – Sace estimated – the growth of our exports would be more limited this year (+ 7.2%) and practically nil in 2022. The full recovery of Made in Italy sales in foreign markets would therefore be postponed to 2023. ” The period we are going through – he underlined – will be a watershed for our history. 2021 will be remembered as the year in which Italian exports resumed growth with double-digit results ”, said Sace president Rodolfo Error. “We are recovering the strongest drop in product since the war – said the Minister of the Economy Daniele Franco who spoke at the presentation of the report -. It is important – he added – the vaccination process and to contain the spread of the disease to consolidate the growth process ”. . Also according to the Sace study, “A full implementation of the structural reforms of the NRP and their maintenance in the medium term” would accentuate “the” intensity of the growth of Italian GDP, especially in the last three years: in 2025 the national output would increase by 2.7% as a reflection of the push for investments and reforms with positive repercussions on potential GDP ”. Furthermore, the structural reforms of the PNRR would also increase the competitiveness of Italian companies active on foreign markets: the level of exports of goods, in value, in fact, in 2025 would increase by 3.5% compared to what is expected in the base scenario. (HANDLE).

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