Louis Tomlinson trolled Niall Horan about his resemblance to a professional skier

In 2015 the one direction they announced the band’s hiatus to focus on solo careers, but the friendship between the boys never stopped!

This is demonstrated for example by the last nice little dig that Louis Tomlinson pulled a Niall Horan.

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It all started when Real Madrid’s Instagram account reposted a video of the Swiss professional skier Andri Ragettli, while engaging in the “the floor is lava challenge” inspired by Squid Game and wearing the shirt of the Spanish football team.

Andri never looks too good on his face, but his blond hair and lean physique are noticeable: a description that reminds you of someone?

According to the singer of “Walls” the similarity is clear: “I didn’t realize you could move like this @niallhoran“he commented ironically.

Judge for yourself if Andri really remembers Niall:

This is not the first time Louis Tomlinson enjoys making fun of his colleague adorably, for example last year he had trolled him with a “James Blonde” when a fan wrote that Niall Horan looked 007 on one occasion when he was dressed particularly smart.

While we await the response of the Irishman, about interactions between One Direction last September Liam Payne revealed that he had talked to Louis of a possible reunion of the group.

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