Lizzo explained why he used Drake’s name in the text of “Rumors”

It is available from Friday 13 August “Rumors”, the first unreleased single by Lizzo from 2019, year of release of the “Cuz I Love You” album.

The song features the participation of Cardi B and faces all the attacks and insinuations that Lizzo has suffered over the years. In one part of the text the artist also mentions a famous colleague of his, Drake.

“Last year I thought I was losing / Reading shit on the internet / My smoothie and my diet / No, I haven’t fucked up Drake yet“, Lizzo sings in the first part of the song.

In an interview with Zane Lowe released for Apple Music, the 33-year-old explained why he chose to quote him in “Rumors”.

“I just thought it was fun to say – he has declared – he is very cool. I just feel like other women, there are so many times that girls’ names are put into the songs just because they look good. “

After the release of “Rumors” Lizzo held a live broadcast Instagram in which she vented, bursting at to cry, after insults racists and fat-phobics received from online haters.

“People who have something bad to say about me most of the time don’t hurt my feelings, they don’t interest me. – Lizzo declared – But when I work so hard, my tolerance is reduced, my patience is less. I am more sensitive and this touches me. “

Her friend and colleague also intervened in her defense Cardi B who wrote on Twitter:

“When you defend yourself they claim your problematic and sensitive side. When you don’t they tear you apart until you cry like that. Whether you are skinny, big, plastic. Remember these are nerds who look at the popular table.”

ph: press office, credit Jora Frantzis

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