Liverpool: the hypothesis of an ideological matrix is ​​removed

LONDON, 17 NOV – The hypothesis of an ideological matrix behind the attack carried out Sunday in Liverpool by Emad Al Swealmeen, 32-year-old refugee in the United Kingdom of Middle Eastern origins, is removed, the only one to lose his life in the explosion aboard a taxi of the device he made. The Guardian claims this, citing sources close to the investigation: at the basis of the attack there may not be a terrorist context proper, at least as regards the motive. It was also initially thought that the attacker’s target could be, on Remembrance Day, the ceremony in remembrance of the British dead that was taking place in the Anglican cathedral of the English city, a 10-15 minute walk from Liverpool Women’s Hospital. where the fact happened. But anti-terrorism investigators are increasingly inclined to the idea that the maternity center was the designated target of Swealmeen, previously afflicted with mental disorders and denied asylum as a formal status by the British authorities. (HANDLE).

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