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“The Emir is an Arab prince, endowed with a strong personality” cit.

Among the record releases this week there is also “Emir”, the new record of the Neapolitan rapper Eris Gacha.

The project consists of 14 tracks, including the new single in collaboration with Peppe Soks “Je t’aime”.

About the album and the choice to name it like this, Eris Gacha said:

The Emir is an Arab prince, endowed with a strong personality that allows him to have everything he wants. I chose this title for the record, precisely because I was always a child fascinated by Arab culture, and also in the past I have been around various countries where this culture was practiced. This culture is very similar to the culture we have in southern Italy, because it exists God first of all, and at the root of everything is love that gives life and kills at the same time. This culture is very fascinating but unfortunately for decades it has been overwhelmed by violence, which at the same time uses love and religion to justify the same violence, but we cannot make a bundle of all the grass I see myself a lot in the emir because of his personality, because since I was a child I have always set myself goals greater than myself, which from nothing made me become what I am today. My strong point was that of see problems as an opportunity, with one goal: to make me with my hands. In this record, you will find every side of me, you will know Gennaro at 360 degrees. “

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